Make Your Own Adjustable Elastic Headband - DIY Tutorial

Make Your Own Adjustable Elastic Headband - DIY Tutorial

Want to make your own adjustable elastic headband?  It may seem complicated, but it's not. After you do a few for practice, these will become so easy peasy you could do them in your sleep.

We have broken down each step for your with pictures. 


Supplies List DIY Adjustable Headband

These are the items you will need to make your FOE adjustable headband.

  • Fold Over Elastic
  • Plastic slider sets
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Lighter


We offer 2 sizes of the headband slider sets in our etsy shop. The clear are available in 3/8" for narrow elastic and 5/8" for regular FOE.  Just visit and go to the hardware section.  We also have tons of colors and prints of fold over elastic as well.  Just be sure to get the slider size that matches your elastic width.


Step 1:  Cut elastic about 18 inches.  This is my preferred length for newborn to pre-teen but you can adjust to your preference.

Step 2:  Heat seal the ends with lighter to keep from fraying. 

Heat Seal Ends of Elastic


Step 3:  Insert one end of elastic through the figure 8 slider piece. Next wrap elastic over middle bar and back through other side of figure 8.  Hot glue end down.

Insert Elastic into Headband Slider

Insert FOE into Headband Slider

Glue Elastic


Side view of elastic with figure 8







Step 4:  Slide the ring onto the elastic and push it past the half way point.

Insert Elastic Through Ring

Step 5:  Thread the elastic through the figure 8

Slide Ring to Center

Adjustable headband Tutorial

Step 6:  Glue the end around the circle.

Wrap End of Elastic Through Ring Glue

 TA DA!!! You are finished...

Glue Elastic Around Ring

Side View of Ring

I told you easy peasy.  Here is the headband we just made and another in the 3/8" width and the 5/8" width.

Finished Adjustable Headband


If you have questions, hop over to Piper Alley on Facebook and shoot us a message.

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