DIY Craft Supplies for Bow Makers
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We offer a wide variety of styles of fabric flowers for boutique and DIY home crafters. Flowers range from 1.4" to 5" in size and are available in many colors.
Many of our fabric flowers are custom dyed and hand sewn, so it is important to note the dye lots will vary and exact matches to previous orders, other flowers and the FOE is not guaranteed. We do our best to accurately describe the colors but feel free to contact us before ordering if you have specific color requirements. 

Styles may include, petal, lotus, ballerina, twirl, roses, scallops, tulle, rosebud, shabbies, etc.

►Mini Flowers up to 1.65"  ►Small Flowers 1.75-2.95"  ►Medium Flowers 3-3.95"  ►Large Flowers 4-4.95"   ►XLarge Flowers 5" and up